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While producing our first feature film over ten years ago, we realized we needed high-quality prop money. We couldn’t find any, so we made our own. Created by filmmakers for filmmakers, your production DESERVES the BEST money props. Prop Movie Money has become the industry standard for quality props and the #1 trusted source for prop money for Hollywood, the entertainment industry, and storytellers worldwide.


We have the best instructors

To deliver the highest quality prop money for your production.


We truly understand the importance of time within your production schedule. We are here to help you when you need us.


Our realistic and cinematic prop money is specially designed and color graded by highly experienced professionals

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Specially designed by one of the TOP and highest rated prop money companies in the USA. Trusted & highly Accredited by the film industry & film industry professionals worldwide.

Our cash props are all imprinted in our office utilizing the most elevated grade offset press printing machines. This interaction conveys the most point-by-point designs, the greatest colors on our prop charges that won’t ever show problem areas, glare, or focus under creation lights. One more key element of our high-grade offset printing is the ink won’t ever spread or run assuming that the props get wet dissimilar to standard computerized prints.

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